Stonclad UT/UTS is a self-priming, textured, four component, hand-trowelled-applied polyurethane mortar system consisting of a urethane-urea binder, pigments, powders and quartz aggregates. Stonclad UT/UTS is a nominal 6 mm system. This flooring system cures to an extremely hard, high, impact-resistant mortar which exhibits excellent abrasion, wear, thermal shock and chemical resistance. Stonclad UT/UTS handles temperatures up to 93oC continuous exposure and 121oC intermittent. The system provides excellent protection against attack from chemicals such as strong oxidizing agents, organic acids and aromatic solvents. Benefits: Stonclad UT/UTS is a self-priming system that does not require the use of a primer, allowing for fast-track installation. Stonclad UT/UTS can be applied onto concrete with a moisture content of 10%. This allows for application onto new concrete of approx 10 days old. Suitable for application over concrete as well quarry and ceramit tiles. Stonclad UT/UTS allows for the use of a clear, or pigmented sealer coat allowing for maintenance.