In order to assist you with selecting the correct system for your floors we have listed all our systems, Stonecarpet, Premium +, Stonclad UT/UTS, Stonblend GS/GSI, Stonlux and also advised in which areas they would be most suitable to use.

Stonclad UT/UTS is a self-priming, textured, four component, hand-trowelled-applied polyurethane mortar system consisting of a urethane-urea binder, pigments, powders and quartz aggregates. Stonclad UT/UTS is a nominal 6 mm system. This flooring system cures to an extremely hard, high, impact-resistant mortar which exhibits excellent abrasion, wear, thermal shock and chemical resistance. Stonclad UT/UTS handles temperatures up to 93oC continuous exposure and 121oC intermittent. The

Stonlux is a solvent-free, self-levelling epoxy system, applied between 1 and 3mm, for general industry.These ultra-smooth systems resist chemical attack and provide a durable, easy to clean, high wear resistant surface. This system is used in assembly areas, Research & Development environments, light manufacturing and clean room facilities.

Premium + This is a premium, non-yellowing, high-solids solvent based, Twin Pack Urethane Sealer that provides excellent stain and abrasion resistance. It is designed to stop concrete dusting.UsesPremium + is suitable for medium to high porosity tiles including concrete and oxided floors and natural stone tiles.CoverageApproximately 10M2 per litre per coat depending on porosity, surface texture, temperature and method of application. A minimum of two coats is required.Expected wearThis will var

Stonblend GS/GSI is a three-component, power-trowelled epoxy mortar system.The system consists of an epoxy resin, amine curing agent and selected aggregates blended with inorganic pigments. Standard thickness is 6mm. Stonblend GS/GSI cures to an extremely hard, impact-resistant mortar with excellent abrasion, wear and chemical resistance.Stonblend GS/GSI handles temperatures up to 60oC continuous exposure.The system provides excellent protection against attack from chemicals such as strong oxidi

Stoncarpet floors offer a unique combination of decorative qualities and outstanding, long-lasting durability and are ideal for retail and commercial environments.These systems are power-trowelled to a smooth impervious surface that resists wear, impact and staining.Multi-coloured aggregates set in a high-performance resin create intricate patterns and original design.Stonecarpet is a unique, cost-effective alternative to ceramic tiles and terrazzo. The system is seamless allowing for easier cl