Stonblend GS/GSI is a three-component, power-trowelled epoxy mortar system.

The system consists of an epoxy resin, amine curing agent and selected aggregates blended with inorganic pigments. Standard thickness is 6mm.

Stonblend GS/GSI cures to an extremely hard, impact-resistant mortar with excellent abrasion, wear and chemical resistance.

Stonblend GS/GSI handles temperatures up to 60oC continuous exposure.

The system provides excellent protection against attack from chemicals such as strong oxidizing agents, organic acids and aromatic solvents.


Stonblend GS/GSI allows for the use of a clear, or pigmented sealer coat allowing for cost-effective maintenance.

Stonblend GS Stonblend GS is a general service system that can support strong impact. It is abrasion resistant and provides excellent chemical resistance. This system is available as per the colour sample chart.

Colour samples:  Stonblend GS The primary benefit of Stonblend GSI is the combination of aesthetics, abrasion resistance and wear and tear. This system is available as per the colour sample ch